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Lyndon Johnson was created on August 27, 1908 in Stonewall, Tx, USA as Lyndon Baines Johnson. He was wedded to Lady Parrot Johnson. He passed away on January 22, 1973 in Stonewall.

Known for movies

1His Height
2Known for speaking in clear certain terms with use of southern metaphors and casual swearing
3Outspoken intimidating personality
4Texas Accent
1[first presidential command, on Air Force One, November 22, 1963] Lets get this goddam thing airborne.
2[to University of Michigan graduates, May 1964] The Great Society rests on abundance and liberty for all. It demands an end to poverty and racial injustice.. But that is just the beginning.
3There is no Negro problem. There is no Southern problem. There is only an American problem.
4We are not about to send American boys 9 or 10 thousand miles away to do what Asian boys ought to be dong for themselves.
5The difference between being a member of the Senate and a member of the House is the difference between chicken salad and chicken shit.
6Presidents are lonely people, and the only ones they are really sure of all the time are their womenfolk. President Nixon and I have something else in common. We can always depend on our womenfolk. Just as Mrs. Johnson has been by my side every step of the way, so has Mrs. Nixon.
7Nixon has come along and everything I've worked for is ruined. I can just see him waking up in the morning, making that victory sign of his and deciding which program to kill. It's a terrible thing for me to sit by and watch someone else starve my 'Great Society' to death. Now her bones are beginning to stick out and her wrinkles are beginning to show. Soon she'll be so ugly that the American people will refuse to look at her; they'll stick her in a closet to hide her away and there she'll die. And when she dies, I, too, will die.
8[on Walter Cronkite who declared the Vietnam War was 'unwinnable'] I've just lost Middle America.
9[to aide Doris Kearns Goodwin] You know the great thing about Truman is that once he makes up his mind about something - anything, including the A-bomb - he never looks back and asks 'Should I have done it? Oh! Should I have done it?' No, he just knows he made up his mind as best he could and that's that. There's no going back. I wish I had some of that quality.
10[inviting Harry Truman to stay at he White House] I'll just send a plane for you and pick you up. You don't have to make any presentation. Don't have to raise any hell. We'll just go in there and have a drink or two together and then we'll go to church. I don't want to tax you. But I always wanted you to know I need your counsel, and I love you.
11[to Eisenhower] I'm not going to drag you in to get any chestnuts out of the fire, unless I get my tail caught in a crack internationally. And when I do, I'm going to come running.
12[on the Vietman War] If I left the woman I really loved - 'The Great Society' - in order to get involved with that bitch of a war on the other side of the world, then I would lose everything at home. All my programs. All my hopes to feed the hungry and shelter the homeless. But if I let the Communists take over South Vietnam, then I would be seen as an appeaser.
13It's hard to be a hero without a war. Heroes need battles and bombs and bullets in order to be heroic. That's why I am suspicious of the military.
14[on his fear of allowing Vietnam to fall into the hands of the Communists] Every night when I fell asleep I would see myself tied to the ground in the middle of a long, open space. In the distance I could hear the voices of thousands of people. They were all shouting at me and running toward me. 'Coward! Traitor! weakling!' They began throwing stones.
15[to Harry Truman, regarding 'The Presidents Club'] I just want you to know that as long as I'm in office you are in it, and there's not a privilege of it, or a power of it, or a purpose of it that you can't share. And your bedroom is up there waiting for you, and your plane is standing by your side.
16I want people around me who would kiss my ass on a hot summer's day and say it smells like roses.
17[on assuming the Presidency, November 22, 1963] I took the oath. I became president. But for millions of Americans I was still illegitimate - a pretender to the throne, an illegal usurper. And then there were the bigots and the dividers and the Eastern intellectuals who were waiting to knock me down before I could even begin to stand up. The whole thing was almost unbearable.
18Nixon can be beaten. He's like a Spanish horse who runs faster than anyone for the first nine lengths and then turns around and runs backwards. You'll see. He'll do something wrong in the end. He always does.
19[to his biographer, Doris Kearns Goodwin] I will not let you take me backward in time to Vietnam. Fifty thousand American boys are dead. Nothing we can say will change that fact. Your idea that I could have chosen otherwise rests upon complete ignorance. For if I had chosen otherwise, I would have been responsible for starting World War III.
20We preach the virtues of democracy abroad. We must practice its duties here at home. Voting is the first duty of democracy.
21[on J. Edgar Hoover, as quoted in the New York Times / 31 October 1971] It's probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in.
22"I may not know much, but I know chicken shit from chicken salad.... [Richard Nixon]'s like a Spanish horse, who runs faster than anyone for the first nine lengths, and then turns around and runs backwards. You'll see; he'll do something wrong in the end. He always does.
23[Gerald Ford] is so dumb he can't walk and chew gum at the same time.... He's a nice fellow, but he spent too much time playing football without a helmet.
24If one morning I walked on top of the water across the Potomac River, the headline that afternoon would read 'President Can't Swim'.
25[in 1964, paraphrasing his presidential opponent Barry Goldwater] Extremism in the pursuit of the presidency is an unpardonable vice. Moderation in the affairs of the nation is the highest virtue.
26[March 31, 1968, announcing his decision not to seek re-election] I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your president.
27[About President John F. Kennedy's assassination] "We heard some sounds. Some thought it was a firecracker, some thought it was a gun, but the next thing I knew we were on our way to the hospital. The president was wounded. The greatest shock that I can recall was one of the men saying 'He's gone'. It was suggested that we go the the planes as quickly as we could and that we get to Washington as quickly as we could. We had decided that we would wait until Mrs. Kennedy and President Kennedy's body were onboard. We were there 15 minutes before I took the oath"
28I felt I was a trustee to carry on after he [assassinated President John F. Kennedy] had been taken from us. After I finished the execution of his dream, I had some of my own.
29I accepted the second spot because I'm a gambling man. I did my research and one in four dies in office.
1During the Suez Crisis he tried to prevent the US government from criticizing the Israeli invasion of the Sinai peninsula.
2Played by Liev Schreiber in The Butler (2013), Tom Wilkinson in Selma (2014) and Bryan Cranston in All the Way (2016).
3John F. Kennedy, fearful of Johnson's support of civil rights, sent him to Norway the day of Martin Luther King's famed March on Washington. Kennedy biographer Arthur Schlesinger said that Kennedy's best spirit was largely absent that day.
4Smoked 60 cigarettes a day until having a near-fatal heart attack in 1955.
5Johnson was very angry about the UK's refusal to send any soldiers to Vietnam, even threatening to bankrupt the British economy. In December 1964 he asked Harold Wilson to send a token division. However it would have been impossible for the UK to support the conflict after the Suez Crisis, and because public opinion was almost universally opposed to US involvement in Vietnam.
6One day after he died, a ceasefire in Vietnam was reached.
7Johnson was the only living former President when he died.
8One of his favorite songs was Simon & Garfunkel's ''Bridge over Troubled water''.
9His time in extremely poor schools in bad neighborhoods, both as a teacher and a student, is what inspired him to make Education a major priority in his political career.
10During his time as a member of the House of Representatives, he oversaw ''Operation Texas'', a covert mission which relocated hundreds of Jews from Europe and brought them to Texas.
11He went to a one-room school that only had one teacher. His graduating class (which he was president of) only had six people.
12It took him several hours to realize he was experiencing his first heart attack.
13Johnson and his wife marched in JFK's funeral procession despite being told not to by the Secret Service and the FBI, in fear of a second assassination. He was later paraphrased as saying he "could do, should do, would do, and did" march in the procession.
14His favorite actress was Laraine Day but she caused him great disappointment when he discovered she was a staunch Republican.
15The only U.S. President to attempt to end national poverty.
16Worked as a schoolteacher before entering politics.
17Was the last US president of the 20th Century to smoke cigarettes. Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford smoked pipes; Ronald Reagan and George Bush were nonsmokers; Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton smoked an occasional cigar.
18In his last will and testament, he left his portion of property jointly owned with his wife Lady Bird, an estate estimated to be worth $20 million in trust in equal shares to his two daughters.
19After he retired from the presidency, CBS-TV paid him $100,000 per television interview in a package deal which included the publication of his memoirs by a CBS subsidiary, Holt, Reinhart & Winston.
20At 6'3 1/2", he was the second tallest President of the United States, being half an inch shorter than Abraham Lincoln. However Johnson's peak height is disputed, and some people believe he was a fraction under 6'3".
21Started smoking again after he left the White House in 1969, and put on weight. In April 1972 he suffered a third heart attack, but would not give up his old habits. "I'm an old man", he once explained, "so what's the difference? My body it just aging in its own way.".
22One of his final public appearances was the state funeral of Harry S. Truman, less than a month before his own death.
23Before he announced he would not run for reelection in 1968, his opponent, Richard Nixon declared his intention to seek the GOP nomination. Critics called a choice between Nixon and Johnson "a choice between obscenity and vulgarity!".
24A frequent anti-war chant was, "Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?"
25His 1964 presidential campaign slogans included: "All the way with LBJ", and "LBJ for the USA."
26His television ads ended with the slogan, "Vote for President Johnson on November 3. The stakes are too high for you to stay home."
27He was an admirer of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was rumored he did not attend the state funeral of Sir Winston Churchill in 1965 because Churchill had not attended Roosevelt's funeral twenty years earlier. Officially Johnson did not attend because he had a heavy cold.
28A heavy smoker, Johnson had already suffered a major heart attack before becoming President at the age of 55.
29Robert F. Kennedy, the younger brother of President John F. Kennedy who was JFK's Attorney General and then a Senator from New York, harbored a strong dislike for Johnson, a feeling that was mutual.
30During his 1964 campaign, he portrayed his opponent Barry Goldwater as a warmonger who, if elected president, would start a nuclear war. He ran the infamous "Daisy" ad, which featured a girl counting daisy petals, followed by a countdown and a mushroom cloud. This attack ad was believed to have helped him defeat Goldwater in a landslide.
31Vice President of The United States (20 January 1961 - 22 November 1963).
32He was interred at the LBJ Ranch in Blanco County, Texas.
33He was the only President born and raised in Texas (both Presidents George Bush, the elder, and George W. Bush, the younger, were born in New England; Dwight D. Eisenhower was born in Texas, but raised in Kansas).
34Pictured on a commemorative four-cent postage label issued by the (now defunct) Independent Postal System of America in 1973.
35Father-in-law of Chuck Robb (husband of daughter Lynda).
36Graduated from Southwest Texas State Teachers College.
37Daughters: Lynda Bird Johnson Robb and Luci Baines Johnson.
38In 1964, Johnson won the Presidency with 61 percent of the vote and had one of the widest popular margin in American history--more than 15,000,000 votes. To date, no candidate, Democrat or Republican, has managed to best his 1964 electoral result (Richard Nixon, however, did come close and won 60.7% of the popular vote).
39Served in the U.S. Senate, 3 January 1949 - 3 January 1961. Had been simultaneously elected vice-president and reelected to the Senate in November 1960; resigned from the Senate to become vice president on 20 January 1961.
40In 1953, he became the youngest Minority Leader in Senate history, and the following year, when the Democrats won control, Majority Leader.
41First member of Congress to enlist in the armed forces in World War II; served briefly in the Navy as a lieutenant commander, winning a Silver Star in the South Pacific.
42Served in the U.S. House of Representatives, 10 April 1937 - 3 January 1949.
43Thirty-sixth president of the United States of America, 22 November 1963
  • 20 January 1969.


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LBJ1968Short documentaryHimself
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Murder in Mississippi1965Himself (uncredited)
John F. Kennedy: Years of Lightning, Day of Drums1965DocumentaryHimself (uncredited)
Four Days in November1964DocumentaryHimself
Facing Berlin2020pre-productionHimself - Vice President of the United States
A Regular Bouquet: Mississippi Summer1964Documentary shortHimself
Scales of Injustice2012Documentary post-productionHimself
Let Us Continue1963Documentary shortHimself
Meet the Trumps: From Immigrant to President2017TV Movie documentaryHimself (uncredited)
World in Action1963TV Series documentaryHimself
Rich Hall's Presidential Grudge Match2016TV Movie documentaryHimself
American Pastoral2016Himself (uncredited)
All the Way: A Walk Through History2016Video documentary shortHimself
How to Win the US Presidency2016DocumentaryHimself
Andrew Cohen on Crisis and Its Outtakes2016Video documentary shortHimself
Richard Reeves on the Kennedy Presidency2016Documentary shortHimself
Race for the White House2016TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself
American Secrets2016DocumentaryHimself - U.S. President
Conspiracy Theorists Lie2015DocumentaryHimself
Flat Earth Proof2015TV SeriesHimself
The Draft2015TV Movie documentaryHimself
Sinatra: All or Nothing at All2015TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself
60 Minutes2001-2015TV Series documentaryHimself - President (segment "LBJ Tapes") / Himself - President (segment "Selma") / Himself - Former President
American Experience1991-2015TV Series documentaryHimself
The Raising of America2015TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself
Bombs Away: LBJ, Goldwater and the 1964 Campaign That Changed It All2014TV Movie documentaryHimself
Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown2014DocumentaryHimself
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver2014TV SeriesHimself


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